Find Peace in Your Spring Garden

Your spring garden can be a delightful addition to your meditation practice. It can be very simple to design a special space that will appeal to all your senses without requiring much time-consuming maintenance. These are some ways to create a garden that can improve your peace of mind come rain or shine. Find PeaceContinue reading “Find Peace in Your Spring Garden”

Do You Know the 9 Reasons We Give Up

We admire people that never seem to give up. Yet, most of us realize that we give up far too quickly. It’s not something we’re proud of, and it’s obvious how much more we could have accomplished with a little more determination. The first step is to gain some insight into why you give upContinue reading “Do You Know the 9 Reasons We Give Up”

See How the One Percent Rule CanChange Your Life and Your Results

Can a measly 1% improvement make a difference? It might not make a difference in a day, but regular 1% improvements can change your life! Sometimes we set goals so big that were too intimidated to even take the first step. For our purposes, we’re going to define the 1% rule as making a 1%Continue reading “See How the One Percent Rule CanChange Your Life and Your Results”

Do you know the 9 Mistakes Successful People Avoid?

While there are a wide variety of successful people in the world, they share many characteristics. One of these is the type of mistakes they avoid. There are certain errors that significantly reduce the odds of success. Eliminate these mistakes and you’ll find your level of success increases. Read on to learn more.

Have You Ever Been Without a Problem? Discover Why That’s Good

You’ve had countless problems over the course of your life. Maybe, you’re not even sure what to do with your life. Have you ever noticed that once one problem is solved, another one magically appears in its place? It’s not magic – it’s just that you can only recognize so many issues at one time.Continue reading “Have You Ever Been Without a Problem? Discover Why That’s Good”

The Pomodoro Technique and How it Can Help You Accomplish More

Would you like to get more done each day? Would you like to get a lot done and still feel refreshed when it’s time to go home? The Pomodoro Technique is among the most popular. This time management system has been around for over 30 years and utilizes alternating periods of work and short breaksContinue reading “The Pomodoro Technique and How it Can Help You Accomplish More”

Risk Assessment Isn’t Just for Businesses

Businesses often rely on risk assessment to make decisions. You can apply a similar process to make decisions in your personal life. People often make decisions without considering the risks and rewards. You might be largely relying on luck to make the best decision. You can do better than that! Give risk assessment a try!Continue reading “Risk Assessment Isn’t Just for Businesses”

Learn How to Say “No” to Yourself

We all need to say “no” to ourselves several times each day. Whether it’s because we’re tempted to procrastinate, spend money, waste time, eat something unhealthy, or take an unnecessary risk, learning to tell yourself “no” is necessary. Gaining control over yourself can go a long way toward building a great life! Learn How toContinue reading “Learn How to Say “No” to Yourself”

How to Use Procrastination as Practice for Success

You might believe that success is about coming up with great ideas or doing the impossible, but most success is the result of doing the mundane. It’s doing the thingsthat no one wants to do. Dealing effectively with procrastination is getting yourself to do things you don’t want to do. It’s great practice for learningContinue reading “How to Use Procrastination as Practice for Success”