8 Strategies to Keep Your Mind Sharp

[adrotate group=”1″]  [adrotate group=”29″] [adrotate group=”30″]  There’s a lot you can do to keep your mind sharp or even enhance it. There are avariety of ways to exercise your brain, from learning something new, to exercise, toquitting unsupportive habits. Your brain eventually ages just like any other part of your body, but there is muchContinue reading “8 Strategies to Keep Your Mind Sharp”

Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Coworkers Will Want to Steal

[adrotate group=”1″] [adrotate group=”29″]  [adrotate group=”30″]  When you bring lunch to work, do your coworkers run away because of the smell? Or, do they wish they could steal your lunch? If you try these ideas, you’ll be the envy of the office. Plus, they’re nutritious and healthy! Lunch doesn’t have to be boring, bland, expensive,Continue reading “Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Coworkers Will Want to Steal”

Are Meatless Mondays for You?

[adrotate group=”1″]  [adrotate group=”29″] [adrotate group=”30″] You probably know that a plant-based diet offers a lot of benefits for your health, but it can be hard to give up hamburgers and bacon. In fact, an estimated 4 out of 5 vegetarians eventually go back to eating meat. Picking one day a week to eat vegetarianContinue reading “Are Meatless Mondays for You?”

How to Deal with Feuding Coworkers

[adrotate group=”1″]  [adrotate group=”29″]  [adrotate group=”30″]  You think your work life would run smoothly if you get along with your coworkers. However, if they’re feuding with each other, you could wind up caught in the middle. Whatever the causes, office conflicts often create stress and lower productivity. How do you decide whether to intervene orContinue reading “How to Deal with Feuding Coworkers”

Benefits of Water: Scientifically Proven Reasons to Stay Hydrated

[adrotate group=”1″]  [adrotate group=”29″]  [adrotate group=”30″] Water composes roughly 60% of the human body. The brain and heart are over 70% water. Even the bones are over 30% water. Water is also used in the digestion of food and in numerous chemical reactions that take place in the body.Considering how much of the body isContinue reading “Benefits of Water: Scientifically Proven Reasons to Stay Hydrated”

The Secret to Supporting Someone Who is Grieving

[adrotate group=”1″]  [adrotate group=”29″]  [adrotate group=”30″]  When someone close to you experiences a loss, it’s likely to affect you too. Even if you want to help them through the grieving process, you may be unsure about what to do. In fact, the situation may be more complicated than you think. Most experts believe that theContinue reading “The Secret to Supporting Someone Who is Grieving”

The Surprising Truth about Quitting Your Job After the Pandemic

[adrotate group=”1″]  [adrotate group=”29″]  [adrotate group=”30″]  If you’re thinking about handing in your resignation, you may have more company than you expected. This may be an ideal time to make changes in your career, especially if you’re ready to deal with the latest conditions. Keep the following trends in mind as you search for aContinue reading “The Surprising Truth about Quitting Your Job After the Pandemic”

Stay Calm in Any Situation While Everyone Else is Losing Their Mind

[adrotate group=”1″]  [adrotate group=”29″]  [adrotate group=”30″]  Have you ever noticed that some people stay calm under pressure much better than others? Would you like to become one of those people? Everyone has a different tolerance for stress, but with practice, you can become much more resilient in the face of adversity. Dealing with stressful situationsContinue reading “Stay Calm in Any Situation While Everyone Else is Losing Their Mind”

The Secret to Building Rapport With Anybody

[adrotate group=”1″]  [adrotate group=”29″]  [adrotate group=”30″]  Strong and healthy relationships depend on developing a sense of rapport. Rapport is that feeling you get when you mentally connect with somebody. Try these ideas for building rapport with anybody. The Secret to Building Rapport With Anybody [adrotate group=”1″]  [adrotate group=”29″]  [adrotate group=”30″] 

How to Defuse Arguments Before Things Go to Far

[adrotate group=”1″]  [adrotate group=”29″]  [adrotate group=”30″]  A proper argument can be highly productive. Unfortunately, not many arguments are done well. Most arguments fail to reach a resolution and lead to additional animosity. Being cooped up with the same people day after day can lead to a greater number of arguments. If you’re going to argue,Continue reading “How to Defuse Arguments Before Things Go to Far”