Hobbies that Build Self Confidence

Imagine an activity you enjoy that also has the potential to enhance other parts of your life! Of course, any activity that builds your self-confidence could also stretch yourcomfort zone a bit. But that’s what life is all about: increasing your comfort zone alittle each day. Read below to find out more. http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/hobbies-that-build-self-confidence/

Quitting Your Job After the Pandemic

The world is always changing and growing and moving onto the next thing. Time is now seeming to be marked as before and after a pandemic. The job market and the way we work is no different. Keep reading to figure out the best way to quit your job in the current markets. http://alphalifestyleacademy.com/quitting-your-job-after-the-pandemic/

Creating a Successful Social Circle

We sure don’t get to choose our family, and with the holidays coming up, that’s more apparent than ever. We do however get to pick our friends, our social circle, our support, our tribe. Sometimes we make mistakes there too, so keep reading and learn some tips to keeping your social circle successful for yourContinue reading “Creating a Successful Social Circle”