Herbal Remedies You Can Find in the Grocery Store or Your Garden

Herbal remedies are plants that have a medicinal effect. Herbal remedies have been around for thousands of years. Such herbal remedies have been making a real comeback in recent years. They contain powerful chemicals that many pharmaceutical companies and scientists are studying. Using these plants in your diet can have a significant effect on yourContinue reading “Herbal Remedies You Can Find in the Grocery Store or Your Garden”

The Benefits and PossibleSide Effects of CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol oil is a product derived from the cannabis or hemp plant but doesn’t have the intoxication effects of marijuana. It is touted to have various health benefits and is currently legal in all 50 states. There have been several studies done on the efficacy of CBD oil. The FDA isn’t involved inContinue reading “The Benefits and PossibleSide Effects of CBD”

Do You Use These 6 Productive Tips To Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder?

All of our lives we’ve been told to work harder if we want to achieve, if we want to succeed, if we want to do more, and if we want to maximize our potential. But, consider this: What if you could get just as much done – or more – if you simply worked smarterContinue reading “Do You Use These 6 Productive Tips To Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder?”

Enhance Your Health and Waistline with Mindful Eating

There are very few people that eat mindfully, and it shows. What is mindful eating? In a nutshell, mindful eating is eating only when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full. It is also putting your full attention on the eating experience. The following are habits that lead to overeating and weight gain. Enhance YourContinue reading “Enhance Your Health and Waistline with Mindful Eating”

Do You Know These Top Snack Tips from Fitness Gurus?

What do fitness gurus eat, and what do they recommend for others? Fitness gurus have mastered snacking before and after exercise. Just like everyone else, they face cravings throughout the day. Try their tips the next time you have a long day at the gym or at work. Do You Know These Top Snack TipsContinue reading “Do You Know These Top Snack Tips from Fitness Gurus?”

Do You Know What 12-Step Programs Can Teach You About Dealing with Chaos?

Twelve-step programs have helped millions of adults who felt like their life was spinning out of control. Your wellbeing depends on how you respond to challenging situations. Take a closer look at twelve-step programs and the lessons they contain. You’ll find wisdom that you can apply to any kind of hardship. Do You Know WhatContinue reading “Do You Know What 12-Step Programs Can Teach You About Dealing with Chaos?”

11 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier on a Tight Budget

Eating in a way that supports good health doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, healthy food is often less expensive than unhealthy food. Even if you’re on a budget, you can still follow an extremely healthy diet. There’s no reason to resort to unhealthy food just because you’re not flush with cash. 11 EasyContinue reading “11 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier on a Tight Budget”

Reducing the Everyday Stressors in Your Life

While life occasionally throws some significant curveballs, it’s often not the big stressors that rob you of happiness and productivity each day. It’s the little annoyances and stressors that never seem to let up. Often, it’s only when you remove these stressors from your life that you can realize how much stress they were causing.Continue reading “Reducing the Everyday Stressors in Your Life”

8 Hobbies That Build Self Confidence

Hobbies are optional activities, so they should be fun. But hobbies can also provide other benefits, such as greater self-confidence. Imagine an activity you enjoy that also has the potential to enhance other parts of your life. That’s a powerful activity! Of course, any activity that builds your self-confidence could also stretch your comfort zoneContinue reading “8 Hobbies That Build Self Confidence”

Learn to Influence Others and Gain More Control Over Your Destiny

With enough influence, you can do nearly anything. Some people are seemingly born with the ability to get others to do their bidding. The rest of us have to learn this important skill. Those with the most influence are the real movers and shakers in the world. You can become one of these people. HavingContinue reading “Learn to Influence Others and Gain More Control Over Your Destiny”