Are they interested in me?

I mentioned in earlier videos that studies show that within 4-7 seconds you decide if you are attracted to someone.  This does not necessarily mean in a romantic way.  Do you like how they look, are they clean in their appearance, are they smiling, how are they standing.  Also, within 4 and 7 minutes of meeting someone we decide if we like and want to be with someone and if we want to engage in a deeper relationship, either personally or professionally.  This could be a professional or personal one. 

I’m going to focus on the personal one.  First look for a smile and eye contact.  If you look at each other and hold that eye contact for a few seconds, that is the first step in determining if you are both interested.  This should happen multiple times.  Next is to start a conversation.  Introduce yourself and ask general questions.  Use a nice firm handshake to show confidence.  I have another video in which I demonstrate a good handshake.  Ask them what they do for a living and really listen to their response.  Ask them what brings them to this event.  If it is a party, ask them how they know the host.  If it is at a bar, ask them if they usually come here.  I have a video where I offer ideas of topics and questions to ask when you first meet someone.

If during your conversation, you determine that this is someone you like, you might try touching their hand or elbow.  Carefully watch their response.  If they move back or turn away, they are letting you know that they don’t want to pursue something.  Placement of your hand can send a strong message.  Don’t touch their leg or use your feet to touch them.  This is really inappropriate.  If they do this to you, they are most likely looking for a more intimate relationship quickly.  If that is what you want to attract, then that choice is yours.  Be careful!

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I am a Certified Relationship and Career Coach, retired Public School Teacher and work as an Adjunct Communications College Professor.

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