Have you ever had to change your plans?

So, I was supposed to be in Europe on my 2-1/2 months trip of a lifetime to 12 different countries. I was to be in Austria today and of course, with COVID 19, I had to cancel. So instead of being down about it, I did some research and found sites where you can get virtual tours from locals in the area and I had scheduled to get cooking lessons in the homes of local residents and make some traditional meals. I am instead looking at virtual tours and cooking some foods indigenous to the area. Its been fun. Give it a try, you can have a great time. Bon Jour!

Resources: When I had to cancel all my reservations with Airbnb, they were awesome! I also like to help out local tour guides and families that with the tourist business down, they can really use the money and you get a more personalized approach. I would like to encourage you to check out their various virtual tours and in-home experiences. They are fabulous!


There is one site called “eatwith.com” that looks interesting too.

This site gives virtual tour ideas too


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