Do you miss the days when you could call a company and talk to a real person?

For all my younger readers, it’s true, it really happened! I’m not making it up. Also, you didn’t have to go through 10 prompts to even attempt to talk to a person. This article is very funny and the first part is relevant even before COVID 19. Just today, my mother was waiting for over 10 minutes for someone to answer at her bank. It didn’t help that the song that kept play was Sam Smith’s “You Make Me Crazy”! If she couldn’t do that on her own, this song helped. We are forgetting the art of communication and conversing with others. The human connection, if you will. Often times I get someone from a foreign country with an accent that I simply can’t understand. I would even be willing to pay a little more money if it meant I could talk to a “Carl” instead of a computer. I hope we can move back to talking with a real person. So all you companies out there, help us out, give us a real person to talk to. #kimcubittconsulting #customerservice #phoneskills

Published by kimcubittconsulting

I am a Certified Relationship and Career Coach, retired Public School Teacher and work as an Adjunct Communications College Professor.

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