Will you Change Your Business Approach?

Can you take your business from simply selling products to creating a story for your customers? This article has some great ideas about the value of creating an experience for your customers. #kimcubittconsulting #retailing #sales https://www.visioncritical.com/blog/creating-better-store-experience-5-tips-retail-prophet-founder-doug-stephens

Do you miss the days when you could call a company and talk to a real person?

For all my younger readers, it’s true, it really happened! I’m not making it up. Also, you didn’t have to go through 10 prompts to even attempt to talk to a person. This article is very funny and the first part is relevant even before COVID 19. Just today, my mother was waiting for over 10 minutes for someoneContinue reading “Do you miss the days when you could call a company and talk to a real person?”

Are you your own worst enemy?

The internal dialog we have in our heads can derail us from the goals we set for ourselves. I often encourage my clients to choose 2-3 positive affirmations to speak out loud while looking at themselves in a mirror in the morning, afternoon, and before going to bed for 30 days. The more you do it, theContinue reading “Are you your own worst enemy?”

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Boats

Please read this very important post from a heartbroken family. Carbon monoxide poisoning from boat fumes and other sources are real and deadly. It could save a life. Please share this with others. #boatsafety #kimcubittconsulting #carbonmonoxidepoisoning https://www.hccommunityjournal.com/article_2c3903cc-f1fb-11ea-9314-0f8c02b6e971.html?fbclid=IwAR0b2SapPPVP0zj61Uc9j7hc1Ttr49E6thffsQd3ct8hTRz6xzhryquALQg

Would you know how to travel through Italy like a local?

I have had the pleasure of traveling through Italy several times. I love sweets so #5 is not a problem for me. Buon Viaggio! #travelandtourism #kimcubittconsulting#italy https://www.forbes.com/sites/monicahoughton/2018/01/16/14-tips-on-how-to-travel-italy-like-a-local/#7f00971f6b62

Do you know how Taoism can impact your life personally and professionally?

Do you know the difference between “controlling” and “allowing”? I have always been fascinated by Eastern philosophy that is thousands of years old. I hope you enjoy this wonderful video. I found there were multiple ideas I could incorporate into my life after watching it. I always see change as an adventure. What about you?Continue reading “Do you know how Taoism can impact your life personally and professionally?”