What are you holding onto from your past that could be hurting you?

I have always believed that you can’t reach out to grab onto your goals and dreams if you are still holding onto past pain. You have to release them so you can jump into your future with both arms outstretched. I hope you find this video inspirational. #kimcubittconsulting #happiness #goalsetting

Can you sell a product and make money too?

I’ve written before about selling not only a “product” but an “experience” for your customers. This article can help you balance making money by meeting your business goals and selling a great product. Product designers play a critical role in this regard. #kimcubittconsulting #productdesign #salesandmarketing https://uxdesign.cc/user-experience-vs-business-goals-finding-the-balance-7507ac85b0a9

Can you do something to save our planet?

I feel strongly about doing everything I can to save our planet. This article gives great ideas on ways we can all do something to save energy. Together, we can make a big difference. #kimcubittconsulting #energysolutions https://www.optimistdaily.com/2020/04/how-to-reduce-your-energy-consumption-while-sheltering-at-home/

Are you looking to buy a home?

With COVID 19, many people are looking to move out of the city and into the suburbs. This article has some great ideas for you to think about if you are considering buying a home. Happy House Hunting! #kimcubittconsulting #realestate #buyingahome https://www.newrez.com/blog/home-buying-selling/tips-for-buying-a-home-in-a-seller-s-market/