Honey; One Sweet Commodity

Do you know what food never spoils? Suspenseful music….why HONEY of course! Also, if you buy honey that comes from hives in your neighborhood, it can help with allergies as the bees get their nectar from local flowers. You also have the added benefit of supporting your local economy. I recently watched a wonderful documentary,Continue reading “Honey; One Sweet Commodity”

Do you have a favorite excuse for not exercising?

I didn’t always enjoy exercising myself. It was an acquired taste if you will. I now really, really miss going to the gym and have had to be more creative on getting my much-needed level of activity. My knees are not the best so instead of running, I walk and lift 3-pound weights in aContinue reading “Do you have a favorite excuse for not exercising?”


I’ve been working on the computer more than usual and my neck was really sore. I tried the exercise for this in the article below and it really works. It was great! I hope you find it helpful! Check out this link. https://thepowerofsilence.co/4-instant-and-extremely-powerful-reflexology-tips-for-stopping-pain-and-saying-goodbye-to-insomnia/ #reflexology #neckpainrelief #backpainrelief #kimcubittconsulting

Want to turn that NO into a YES?

Do you ever wish you could turn that “no” into a “yes”? I’ve been there! This article has some wonderful ideas on how to do this. I have met with great success in both my personal and professional life with these suggestions. I believe that “People don’t care what you know until they know thatContinue reading “Want to turn that NO into a YES?”

Have you ever had to change your plans?

So, I was supposed to be in Europe on my 2-1/2 months trip of a lifetime to 12 different countries. I was to be in Austria today and of course, with COVID 19, I had to cancel. So instead of being down about it, I did some research and found sites where you can getContinue reading “Have you ever had to change your plans?”

Managing Stress during COVID 19

As a former educator, I worked with many individuals with mental health challenges. During COVID 19, all of us are facing stress and the link below provides tips to combat that. Our struggle with this pandemic is not yet over. I hope you find it helpful. #mentalhealthawarness #stressmanagement #covid19 #kimcubittconsulting https://www.aspenpublicradio.org/post/tips-balance-your-mental-health-stress-covid-19