Find the Adventure

Whether it is in a relationship or not, try something new.  Move outside of your comfort zone. It could be a new food, taking a course, trying a new exercise program, listening to a different kind of music, watching an alternate TV show or movie genre or going to a festival.  You could even try a new route to work.  There can be so much fun in trying something different.  You expand your mind and lift your spirits.  Somethings as simple as driving a different way to the doctor keeps your mind sharp and can help when we are aging.  If you are going through a change and have either started or ended a relationship, you may meet someone new if you expand your interests. 

In my video, you will see what I did to try something new.  I was “living on the edge”, lol!  Speaking of food, a side note of interest is that you should try foods that you might not have previously liked every 10 years as our taste buds and preferences change with age.  This could also be true in considering dating someone that is not your usual “type”.  You never know.  It could open up a whole new world for you. What are you going to do today?  What can you try that is different from what you normally do?  Go for it!

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Published by kimcubittconsulting

I am a Certified Relationship and Career Coach, retired Public School Teacher and work as an Adjunct Communications College Professor.

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