How are relationships like a sailboat?

I love to watch sailboats.  They glide and bob across and over the water with such grace.  They rely on the elements to move and without a strong wind, they are helpless to propel forward.  To be a sailor takes ingenuity and practice.  Just like in a relationship.  Both require the ability to move back and forth to reach their final destination.  Seldom do they go in a perfectly straight line.  Relationships require partners to give and take from each other.    You may also face a strong head wind.  You may have to navigate rough seas and external challenges.  You also need to have a back-up plan and that is when you may have to paddle, row or a motor may come in handy. 

Sailing has its own language.  It uses terms such as trimmed, luffing and stalled.  In relationships, even at work, you can have your own vocabulary, depending on the job.  At times, a sailboat and a relationship may become stalled.  In a personal relationship, you will use certain endearments and in negative partnerships, the language can be quite salty.  Studies show that if your partner, early on in your relationship, starts using nicknames or calling you “dear”, “honey” and so on, that is a good sign that they may be interested in a long-term relationship.

It takes a team when sailing and they can change their role from time to time.  They can be the captain or tactician.  It is important that you know how to cover each other just as in a family.  When one person gets tired, another person is ready to take over.  At work, team members need to cover for everyone else.  You don’t want a mutiny on your hands.

Everyone needs to keep their eye on the horizon and each other.  You don’t want anyone falling overboard.  In relationships, you need to both be going in the same direction and looking out to keep each other safe.  You want the captain and navigator to agree where you are going to arrive there safely. Bottom line, in any kind of relationship, you need to work together to make the voyage a smooth one, enjoyable and everyone arrives securely.  Take the time to maintain a sailboat; to keep it seaworthy and ship shape.  Put the effort in now or you will find yourself in the middle of the ocean with a leaky craft.  It is the same with people and your interactions.  Be willing to put the time and effort in and it can be a wonderful adventure.  Bon voyage!

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I am a Certified Relationship and Career Coach, retired Public School Teacher and work as an Adjunct Communications College Professor.

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