Why learn about other cultures?

We live in a Global Village.  What does that mean?  We have the incredible opportunity to see what is going on in the world.  This includes both wonderful and heart breaking events.  In all aspects of our lives, we come into contact with people from different walks of life.  We are a diverse community.  It is important that while we may not always live our lives the same as others, we need to at least develop tolerance and respect for people. 

How do we do that?  Talk with others and listen, really listen.  Ask them about their family, traditions and cultures.  Ask about their country of origin.  Avoid topics such as religion, politics and sex.  These can break down rather than build a relationship.

There is so much we can learn from others.  We see a different perspective and this can bring a fresh angle in solving challenges.  When we learn, we grow.  Diversity brings color to our lives.  When we communicate with people that are different from us, we build trust and acceptance.

хорошего дня (Russian) – Look this up!

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I am a Certified Relationship and Career Coach, retired Public School Teacher and work as an Adjunct Communications College Professor.

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