Online Dating and Staying Safe

Here are some strategies I have used when online dating. 

  1. Let your family or a friend know where you are going and who you are meeting.  Give them a time that you expect to be home and call them periodically to keep them updated.  Share the other person’s contact information as well.
  2. Keep the person’s profile up on your computer so others know. 
  3. If their picture is different from the one on their profile when you meet them, take a selfie with them and then discretely text it to whomever you are keeping updated on your dates. 
  4. Take a picture of their car and license plate number and send that to your family or friend as well.
  5. I met, at least initially, in a public place during the day.  Then I didn’t have to contend with the other person having alcohol and it seemed to keep it light with few expectations. 
  6. Arrive early and never leave your drink or food unattended.  Even if you are going to the salad bar or bathroom, get a new drink.  Replenish your plate as well after using the restroom.  This includes at the bar if you decide to drink.  I don’t recommend this, but it is up to you.  When people drink, their decision making and reasoning skills are negatively impacted. 
  7. Don’t overshare personal information such as your daily schedule and home address. 
  8. Sit across the table from the person you are meeting.  I don’t sit next to them.  This keeps you safer with the table acting as a barrier. 

Check out my book.  It is called Shoes and Relationships.  It is a fun comparison between browsing and buying shoes and how they might represent different relationships, both personal and professional.  I share some of my personal dating stories for your reading pleasure.  I think you’ll like it!

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I am a Certified Relationship and Career Coach, retired Public School Teacher and work as an Adjunct Communications College Professor.

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