Tools You Need in Your Relationships

  1. Relationships take work.  They can be well worth the investment.  Choose 3 of the following to strengthen any relationship.
  •  Communicate – You need to speak and listen to the other person.  Be honest and respectful of the other person.  Don’t blame them.  Use “I” statements to express how you feel.  When saying “you”, a person is put on the defensive.  For example, I feel _______ when ________ happens. 
  • Be accepting of your significant other.  Love them ‘warts and all’.  Don’t try to change of them.  We can only change ourselves.
  • Make your companion feel special.  This doesn’t take a lot of money but does require you to be creative and use some ingenuity.  Often, the smallest gestures can make a big impact.
  • Having common interests can help you create shared memories.  It is time well spent.
  •  Let things go.  It can be hard to let the little ‘hurts’ go and not let them build up and up.  Over time, they will create a wall of resentment.
  • Spend quality time together.  Take those common interests and build on them.  You still need some time apart as well and when you are together, make it meaningful.
  • Don’t forget the fun factor.  Laughing is a great way of connecting and of relieving stress.  It also helps to keep you healthy.

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I am a Certified Relationship and Career Coach, retired Public School Teacher and work as an Adjunct Communications College Professor.

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