Travel Deals and Perks

Who doesn’t like an upgrade? I am always happy to get something for free! This article gives you ideas on how to get those free perks and great deals. I, for one, can’t wait to get “on the road again”. I call the hotel directly which can sometimes be tricky because when you try to look up the property online, it looks like the area code for that property but you often get routed through a 3rd party site. Even when I have asked them directly if they are the front lobby desk, it isn’t. I was burned when I tried to cancel due to the pandemic and lost about $20.00 on my one-night reservation. Not cool! If I know if it is a Hilton Hotel I want, for example, I call their 800 phone number and make a reservation that way.

I’m a HUGE fan of Skyscanner and use it often. Also, I open an “incognito” page when looking at flights and accommodations because the more often you visit a particular site, they keep track of your computer’s IP address and keep raising the prices. When you are incognito, they can’t do that.

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