Do you need wedding insurance?

We aren’t sure when we will see any “semblance” of normalcy after COVID 19, if at all. Celebrating a wedding is something we all look forward to. Here is some sage advice that might help you when planning for your big day. Enjoy the day!

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What is at least one thing you would you do to save our planet?

I went to our local recycling facility with my nephew a few days ago. We took 1,000 pounds of material that had been in my father’s barn. It got me to thinking about all the waste in the world. I saw an interview with Sir David Attenborough last week. He is 94 now and when he was 25 he had talked his bosses into letting him travel the world documenting animals, plants, and our landscapes to share with others. He talked about the changes in our world that he has observed #. It is troubling, to say the least. Pollution, destruction of our rain forests, and the list goes on.

The interviewer wanted to know if he would like to go and live on the moon. “Why would I do that?” He responded. “I can stay here and see the ocean, amazing animals and foliage, mountains, and the sky.” He was also asked what one piece of advice he would give to others and he said, “Don’t waste.” This includes food, natural resources and I would include on that list, ‘time’. So I’m going to unplug my phone and charger, shut down my computer, and take the dog outside for a walk. Will you join me? Please enjoy the 60 minutes interview attached.

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How can your business benefit from working with freelancers?

So many people want the flexibility of working as freelancers. Are you looking at ways you can encourage freelancers to join your company? It can be a great working relationship for both of you. It’s the way of the future. This article shares the benefits of hiring freelancers.

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Will you Change Your Business Approach?

Can you take your business from simply selling products to creating a story for your customers? This article has some great ideas about the value of creating an experience for your customers.

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Do you miss the days when you could call a company and talk to a real person?

For all my younger readers, it’s true, it really happened! I’m not making it up. Also, you didn’t have to go through 10 prompts to even attempt to talk to a person. This article is very funny and the first part is relevant even before COVID 19. Just today, my mother was waiting for over 10 minutes for someone to answer at her bank. It didn’t help that the song that kept play was Sam Smith’s “You Make Me Crazy”! If she couldn’t do that on her own, this song helped. We are forgetting the art of communication and conversing with others. The human connection, if you will. Often times I get someone from a foreign country with an accent that I simply can’t understand. I would even be willing to pay a little more money if it meant I could talk to a “Carl” instead of a computer. I hope we can move back to talking with a real person. So all you companies out there, help us out, give us a real person to talk to. #kimcubittconsulting #customerservice #phoneskills

Are you your own worst enemy?

The internal dialog we have in our heads can derail us from the goals we set for ourselves. I often encourage my clients to choose 2-3 positive affirmations to speak out loud while looking at themselves in a mirror in the morning, afternoon, and before going to bed for 30 days. The more you do it, the better. Then you can use new ones. I use them every day as well. The ones I currently use are:

1.   I am strong and healthy.

2.   I will make healthy food choices.

3.   I love and approve of myself.

These are a POWERFUL tool and you will be surprised at how much of a difference it can make in your attitude and overall success.

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Boats

Please read this very important post from a heartbroken family. Carbon monoxide poisoning from boat fumes and other sources are real and deadly. It could save a life. Please share this with others. #boatsafety #kimcubittconsulting #carbonmonoxidepoisoning