Do you know 10 easy ways to start eating better right now?

Find at least two new ways from this list that you can implement right away. I have now added a vegetable to my breakfast and have slowed down to enjoy each bite of food. I hope it helps.

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Do you know the best way to make friends when traveling alone?

I love to travel alone. I can go where I want, when I want to, and it forces me to make friends when traveling. As a woman, I don’t disclose too much personal information but this offers some ideas of how to make friends.
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Are you willing to learn to become successful?

Highly successful people spend 1 hour a day researching and learning about new products and services that will help them to continue to be successful. I wanted to share this article that I found interesting and well written.

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Do you use these strategies to help with your Asthma?

I have some family with asthma and it is concerning when I see them in distress. I found this article to be interesting and in offering some suggestions. The first one, finding his triggers, has been particularly helpful for my great nephew.