Are they interested in me?

I mentioned in earlier videos that studies show that within 4-7 seconds you decide if you are attracted to someone.  This does not necessarily mean in a romantic way.  Do you like how they look, are they clean in their appearance, are they smiling, how are they standing.  Also, within 4 and 7 minutes ofContinue reading “Are they interested in me?”

Small Talk in Public Settings

For this blog I wanted to talk about chatting with someone in a public setting.  In my video, I am in a café having lunch.  I share my, albeit brief, interaction with my waitress, Joanna.  She was sweet and kind.   I enjoy meeting people and you never know what will come out of it.  IContinue reading “Small Talk in Public Settings”

Setting Boundaries

It is important to set clear boundaries within your personal and professional life.  There are times when you receive unwanted attention.  If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, that a person or situation seems to be “off”, it is best to take the offensive.  If you get that feeling in your gut, listen to it.  ItContinue reading “Setting Boundaries”

1st Impressions and Relationships

You only have one chance to make a good 1st impression. The average person takes 4 – 7 seconds to develop an opinion of you. They are looking at your appearance, your non-verbal communication, do you smell, are your clothes, nails and teeth clean and are you smiling. If these things turn them off, itContinue reading “1st Impressions and Relationships”

Valentine’s Day – Who is your greatest love?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Ahhh, the “day of love.” If you are in a relationship, use this day and every day to let them know you care. I personally think that every day should be celebrated as a “day of love”. Doing little things for that special person all the time is just as important toContinue reading “Valentine’s Day – Who is your greatest love?”

Sometimes I feel so small…

I’m sure you have heard poems about how small a person can feel when compared to a mountain or the ocean. I felt just that way today. I went to a Lunch and Learn Networking/Writing Meeting. I met some wonderful people and learned something as well. I arrived early and we were located on theContinue reading “Sometimes I feel so small…”

What’s Happening in Your Community?

I have lived for 60 years in Rochester, NY. It is a culturally diverse community with many opportunities to enrich the lives of its residents. I realized that while visiting Los Angeles, I have not fully explored my own hometown. I am going to encourage you to discover your own neighborhood. You can either seeContinue reading “What’s Happening in Your Community?”